The historical centre of Ferrara, the city of the Renaissance is a UNESCO World Heritage Sit

Ferrara is called the “city of bicycles” and is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and its beautiful historic centre. Ferrara does not seem to have changed much since the Este family reigned there, one of the most powerful families in Europe with a particular predilection for art. In 1995 the entire historic centre of the city was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco for its Renaissance beauties.

The ideal starting point for a visit to Ferrara is the Estense Castle, symbol of the city. The castle stands imposingly in the historic centre and is one of the rare examples of a moated castle visible today in Italy. Its construction began in 1385 and today it has four large towers on the sides. The visit begins by crossing the drawbridges and, once inside, you can visit the prisons and the large frescoed rooms, used for games and court fun. Inside the Castle there is also the Tourist Information Office.

The Cathedral of San Giorgio Martire is the main place of worship in the city. Built in white marble, it bears signs of all the historical eras that Ferrara has gone through over the centuries, both on the facade and inside. Its Renaissance bell tower, the work by Leon Battista Alberti, has remained unfinished.

Passing under the arch in front of the Cathedral, you find yourself in a beautiful square dominated by the Town Hall. Once called the Ducal Palace, this building was the residence of the Este family until the nearby castle was built. The entrance is adorned with the imposing Staircase of Honor. Today the square is dotted with bars and shops.

Corso Ercole I d’Este is considered one of the most beautiful avenues in Europe, as it lacks shops and commercial activities. Walking through this avenue you can admire the beauty of the buildings, including the Palazzo dei Diamanti (Diamond Palace). Its name derives from the approximately 8,500 diamond-shaped white and pink marble bosses that cover the two sides. Legend has it that one of the bosses contains an authentic diamond hidden by Hercules I, belonging to his crown. The Palazzo dei Diamanti houses the National Art Gallery of Ferrara on the first floor, while temporary art exhibitions are set up on the ground floor.

About 2 kilometers long, Via delle Volte Street of the arches)is so called because of the arches and suspended passages that characterize it. This is one of the corners of the city where time seems to have stopped, where it is still possible to breathe an atmosphere of medieval charm.


Via Crucis Rom Lazio Italien 2019

San Giorgio Martire Ferrara    ( fotos © 

Via Crucis Karfreitag Ostern Barile Basilikata

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Via Crucis Rom Lazio Italien 2019

Castello Estense Ferrara    (fotos © 

The Po Delta – UNESCO World Heritage

A little further east of Ferrara we find the Po river with its delta. The Po delta is the set of fluvial branches that allow the Po river to flow into the northern Adriatic Sea after its course that starts from Monte Monviso and crosses the entire Po Valley.

The Po Delta is the territory created both by the sedimentation of the river and by the work of man who over the centuries has regimented its waters and reclaimed the land. In the Delta there are various environments, each with unique characteristics. A territory rich in nature, history, art and culture, capable of offering many different itineraries and a fantastic landscape.

Here we find the Veneto Regional Park of the Po Delta, characterized by a humid area of ​​international importance and one of the most important naturalistic parks in Italy and Europe, which in a succession of landscapes and itineraries offers the visitor the opportunity to immerse themselves in the nature and to live a truly unique experience.

The Po delta was included in 1999 among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Italy as an extension of the recognition conferred on the city of Ferrara in 1995.


Via Crucis Rom Lazio Italien 2019

Po Delta Veneto   (fotos  © 

 Processione dei Misteri in Trapani

Po Delta UNESCO World Herititage     (foto © 

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Po Delta

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