The beautiful island of Capri

If you are planning to visit the beautiful island of Capri, near the city of Naples, in the region of Campania, you have come to the right place. It is one of the most popular islands for those visiting the archipelago of Campania. In fact, Capri, along with Ischia and Procida, is a true symbolic treasure for Neapolitans, but also for all Italians. If you are looking for something unique, for a magical experience that lasts a day or several days, Capri is the place to be!
Marvel at the natural rock arch of Capri, one of the most beautiful natural wonders in Italy. This 12-metre wide and 20-metre high rock formation has a curious arch shape and seems to frame the Sorrento Peninsula opposite. How about taking a nice photo? Click! Let’s find out more!

Why visit Capri?

It offers beautiful and unspoilt landscapes, wild and inviting at the same time. Famous are its rocks and caves, where it is also possible to make private excursions with tour operators in the area. It is a destination for all seasons, as in summer it is teeming with tourists admiring the beauties of the island of Capri, while in winter or spring it also attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its mild and welcoming climate

The island is always at its best, attracting visitors from all over the world, as Capri is famous for its beauty and art.

The perfect itinerary to experience the island in one day?

Although it seems small, there are many things to do and see on Capri. The main attraction for visitors interested in the beauty of the island is certainly the Grotta Azzurra and the Faraglioni. But we can assure you that there are many other things to see instead. Let’s discover them together in a specially prepared list of unique sights to see on the island of Capri.


– Blue Grotto
– Faraglioni
– Gardens of Augustus
– Anacapri
– One of the best views: Monte Solaro
– Dinner at “Anema e Core
– The lighthouse of Punta Carena
– A visit to the most beautiful beaches of Capri

The view from the Giardini di Augusto, Isle of Capri, Campania, Italy

The view from the Giardini di Augusto, Isle of Capri, Campania, Italy.    (foto ©

View from Monte Solaro on the island of Capri, Campania, Italy

View from Monte Solaro on the island of Capri on a summer day, Capri, Campania, Italy.     (foto © 

The Blue Grotto is certainly the most famous natural site on the island of Capri. It is a sea cave that is about 60 metres long and about 25 metres wide. It has an entrance that is 2 metres wide and only 1 metre high, so you can only visit it by getting into small rowing boats that can carry a maximum of 4 people. There are several companies that go to the Blue Grotto and most of them leave from the port of Marina Grande.

I don’t think anyone will object if I say that the Faraglioni are the symbol of Capri. They are in fact three rocky, lacy cliffs that emerge from the sea just a few metres off the coast of the island. Each faraglione has a name: the one connected to the coast is called Faraglione Stella; the smallest of the three is called Faraglione di mezzo; while the third is known as Faraglione Scopolo, home to the famous blue Faraglioni lizards.

Just a stone’s throw from the centre of Capri, the Gardens of Augustus consist of a series of flowering terraces overlooking the Faraglioni on one side and the bay of Marina Piccola and the curves of the Via Krupp on the other. It’s definitely the place to go if you want to take a souvenir photo of your trip to Capri with the Faraglioni in the background, and it’s also one of the cheapest attractions on the island (the ticket costs only 1 euro).

Anacapri is the most authentic part of the island. Here you can still take a leisurely stroll and indulge in slow rhymes. Luxury hotels have been replaced by B&Bs, haute couture boutiques by craft shops and star restaurants by typical Capri trattorias. The main bus stop is at Piazza Vittoria. From here you can walk to the various sights of Anacapri, such as the Villa di San Michele, the Scala Fenicia, the Punta Carena lighthouse and Monte Solaro.

The best view of Capri is from the highest point of the island: Monte Solaro. From here you can admire the entire Gulf of Naples, the Faraglioni rocks and the Sorrento Peninsula.
To reach the top of Monte Solaro on foot, you need about 90 minutes and you can make a small detour to the hermitage of Cetrella.

Punta Carena is a rocky cove, one of the best places to swim in Capri and definitely a favourite of Caprians. In addition to the always clean waters, this place is made impressive by the Punta Carena lighthouse, the second in Italy for light output and one of the oldest.

The taverna “Anema e Core” is the most representative place of Capri’s nightlife, known all over the world for the incredible format of the legendary chansonnier Guido Lembo.
Live music, improvisation and a warm welcome are the hallmarks of the “Anema e Core” inn.

Capri is a predominantly rocky island and there are very few sandy beaches. The most beautiful and best equipped beaches on the island are: Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, Punta Carena.

Marina Grande beach is the largest and most visited beach on the island. It is a child-friendly bay and from here you can easily set off to explore the island. Marina Piccola beach is one of the most beautiful on the island.

The Pizzolungo walk is a fascinating route that allows you to leave the hustle and bustle of the square behind and immerse yourself in nature. There are few tourists who choose this route to enjoy the landscape, the scents, the sounds of nature and the sea in solitude. The trail winds through lush Mediterranean vegetation, secluded villas and pleasant detours that lead to the natural rocky arch of Capri or the Grotta di Matermania.

Once you have enjoyed this virtual tour, think how nice it will be to visit beautiful Capri in the company of friends or family. Enjoy your trip!


Author : Elina ©

Grotta Azzurra,Island of Capri, Campania, Southern Italy

Grotta Azzurra, Island of Capri, Campania, Southern Italy.      (foto © 


Faro di Punta Carena lighthouse, Anacapri, Capri Island, Campania, Italy.

Lighthouse “Faro di Punta Carena”, Anacapri, Capri island, Campania, Italy.    (foto © 


Piazza Umberto I, Church of Santo Stefano, Capri, Naples, Campania, Italy.

Piazza Umberto I with the church of Santo Stefano in the old town of Capri, island town near Naples, Campania, Italy.     (foto © Roman Babakin / 

Marina Grande harbour, Capri Island, Naples, Campania, Italy.

Marina Grande harbour, Capri Island, Naples, Campania, Italy  (foto © 

Capri island

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